GHOSTscotland was launched in May 2013 at Jedburgh Jail as GHOSTnortheast headed North of the Border.

The team kept it's ethos of 100% genuine and 100% honest as they travelled to various Scottish locations and built a good following with our Scottish guests.

In 2016, GHOSTscotland had expanded and is now led by Paul Hannon and his Scottish based team. They have spent many hours with GHOSTnortheast and deliver the exact same investiagtions as their North Eastern based founder group.

We promise a night where you become the investigator and use all the tools of the trade. Our team leaders are there to help and advise but ultimately you are control of your night.

As we are not entertainment or thrill seekers, we can say anything you see, hear or feel is 100% genuine from our point of view as we do not influence any part of the night.

Join the GHOSTfamily on either sides of The Border for a truely unique night!